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833 OEM RFID / NFC Reader

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  • 5.2 C045
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Description détaillée

Our 883 RFID/NFC reader is a scalable OEM contactless reader for all common contactless card protocols as well as NFC. The 883 is a complete OEM module for the integration RFID functions into devices, components or systems. With the new 883 we have incorporated all of experience in RFID and NFC design. The reader has multiple interfaces, a secure chip included and has a SAM connector to load any necessary keys onto the device. With its integrated LED-driver and E/As it can easily be equipped to provide visual and audio feedback to its user.

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    ddm hopt + schuler GmbH & Co.KG

Informations complémentaires

Supported frequencies:

◾ 13.56 MHz
Supported tags:
◾ Mifare Classic
◾ Mifare Desifre
◾ FeliCa
◾ ISO14443 A/B
◾ ISO 15693 (iCode)

Physical Interfaces
◾ Ethernet
◾ E/A
◾ External Antenna connector

Contactless interfaces
◾ WIFI/Wlan
◾ BLE (Bluetooth low energy)

◾ Internal antenna included
◾ Connector for external antenna included
◾ Standard external antennas available
◾ Customized external antennas available

Our 883 reader comes with a loaded firmware for an easy integration into your system.

Housing Designs
We can design, develop and produce customized housings.


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