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eSignature & eContracting

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Description détaillée

On line contracting platform to sign documents aimed at any user or companies looking for a full digital process.

    Informations complémentaires

    - Send your contracts easy and fast from our platform, or through our API if you need to implement it into your own management tool.
    - No need to install any app.

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        - Lleida.net provides LEGAL GUARANTEE in digital communications. It offers registered SMS & email notification and eStatement, Onboarding and electronic signature solutions, digital identity - eKYC.
        - Lleida.net acts as a Digital Witness for eGovernment, Fintech, Insuretch, and other industries, simplifying the digital transformation process.
        - Lleida.net is Qualified Trust service provider compliant to EU eIDAS Regulation and it is currently listed in Euronext Growth (Paris) and in New York & Madrid.

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