Interview exposant : AIP&P

AIP&P are a distributor and manufacturer of plastic card industry consumables in both sections of secure and non-secure since 2008. The product range varies from downstream consumables, such as PVC sheets, and extends into upstream ones, like security labels for fulfillment.

1) Could you describe your company as well as the products/solutions that you will be presenting during TRUSTECH 2022?

 We are one-stop shop for all the consumables that card manufactures need.

  1. PVC/PET/PC/ABS CORE and PVC OVERLAY (for offset press)
  2. PVC/PET/PC/ABS CORE and PVC OVERLAY (for digital press)
  3. Overlay with magnetic strip
  4. Sheet Inlay, Dry & Wet Inlay, Clamshell card, Key Fob
  5. Security Papers
  6. KBA Genius 52UV press Dr.Balde, End Seal, UV Lamp, Toray plate
  7. Press Plate and Press Pad, Plate Protector and Cleaner, Towel, Glvoes, Peeler
  8. Chip Bonding Tape , Milling Drill Bit , Solder Paste and Conductive Adhesive
  9. DOD Ink, DOD Flush, Magnetic reader, Magnetic writer, hoses, wiper, Filter
  10. Affix Label & Tape and security label

2) In your opinion, what are the current trends that are providing opportunities for your company?

RFID products

3) Why did you choose to participate at TRUSTECH 2022? Will you be presenting innovative/new products or solutions during TRUSTECH 2022?


4) How is TRUSTECH 2022 important for growing your business?

It is that important that we travel from Canada to France 

5) Where do you intend to grow your business in the future (countries or verticals)? 

Europe in our next target

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