Interview exposant 2021 : OVD Kinegram

OVD Kinegram is the world’s primary provider of physical and digital security solutions for protecting identities. 

1) Could you describe your company as well as the products/solutions that you will be presenting during TRUSTECH 2021?

OVD Kinegram is the world’s primary provider of physical and digital security solutions for protecting identities. Our products and solutions for document security protect the personal data of the ID owner and ensure the authenticity of governmentally issued documents. The highly versatile and proprietary KINEGRAM technology is exhaustively tested for all known document issuing systems. It has been chosen by more than 120 countries to protect their most important identity documents. This makes the KINEGRAM the leading DOVID security feature.

2) In your opinion, what are the current trends that are providing opportunities for your company?

Protecting identities by securing physical ID and travel documents with state-of-the-art security solutions is a long-running, very successful trend. To provide such solutions with new functionalities like optical machine authentication (OMA) or optical phone authentication (OPA) creates new opportunities for us. This is often achieved by integrating commercially not available, advanced technologies.

3) Why did you choose to participate at TRUSTECH 2021? Will you be presenting innovative/new products or solutions during this event?

TRUSTECH is a great platform to showcase new innovations with many customers and valuable partners being present. At TRUSTECH 2021 we will show our newest innovation for polycarbonate documents, “The flight of the bees”, together with other highlights of our product portfolio. 

4) How is TRUSTECH 2021 important for growing your business?

TRUSTECH as a physical conference provides a unique opportunity to strengthen existing relationships and at the same time to develop new contacts to customers, partners and end customers. 

5) Where do you intend to grow your business in the future (countries or verticals)?

We continue to grow our business further into more countries on all continents, at the same time we are expanding our product range vertically in order to optimally satisfy customer needs.

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