Trophées SESAMES 2016

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Organisé à l’occasion de TRUSTECH 2016, les trophées SESAMES sont un concours, à la fois vitrine de l’innovation et tremplin médiatique.

Des catégories complètement revues en 2016, elles sont au nombre de 6:

  • eGovernment (ID, health, welfare)
  • eTransactions (banking, payment, virtual money)
  • Manufacturing and Tests
  • IoT (Networks of wireless sensors, smart objects, constrained data and energy management)
  • Cybersecurity (Data safeguarding, resilience of infrastructures, resistance to cyberattacks)
  • Retail (online and in-store)

Découvrez les gagnants du concours SESAMES : 

Après avoir reçu 37 candidatures, le Jury a choisi 18 Finalistes entre 6 différentes catégories:

Le prix de la meilleure solution eTRANSACTIONS est décerné à:

The digital solution for humanitarian food assistance, by FAMOCO

Le prix de la meilleure solution RETAIL est attribué à:

VirtyCrypt Elements - Remote Key Loading Service, by VirtuCrypt

Le prix du meilleur produit MANUFACTURING & TESTS est décerné à:

COMPRION Network Bridge, by COMPRION GmbH

Le prix de la meilleure solution IoT est décerné à :

IoTize by Keolabs

Le prix de la meilleure solution EGOVERNMENT est décerné à :

Happy Flow Smart Cities by Vision Box

Le prix de la meilleure solution CYBERSECURITY est décerné à :

BioSSL by BioSSL ltd

Félicitations à tous et à l'année prochaine avec de nombreux produits et solutions innovantes.

Un jury d’experts internationaux pour élire les lauréats

Les dossiers déposés sont soumis à un jury composé de 18 experts internationaux, tous reconnus dans leurs domaines de compétences.

Lors de la sélection des finalistes et vainqueurs des Trophées SESAMES, les membres du jury privilégieront 3 critères fondamentaux :

  • le caractère innovant du produit/service présenté
  • l’opportunité pour le marché
  • la force de l’argumentaire
Découvrez le jury des Trophées Sésames 2016 :

Cybersecurity (Data safeguarding, resilience of infrastructures, resistance to cyberattacks)

Frazier Evans

Payments Director

Booz Allen Hamilton

Frazier EVANS

Nathan HILT

Director Payments


Nathan Hilt

Nathan serves as a director with PwC's Financial Services Advisory practice in the firm's San Francisco office.  He helps clients in the payments ecosystem, with strategy, product development, merger integration, security/controls, and compliance. Nathan brings 20 years of experience with various mainstream electronic payments systems to create innovative products and services, as well as actively working with technology partners to expand FinTech. 

Prior to PwC, Nathan spent over a decade in industry, working on a variety of initiatives with the IT, Marketing and Product divisions. Nathan possesses an in-depth understanding of the payment card business and the mechanics to develop and bring to market new payment initiatives.  
Nathan is comfortable with the security and technological aspects of issuing and accepting new card payment types and form factors, as well as the supporting processing and payment systems infrastructure.    


SVP, Research Director and Head of Fraud & Security

Javelin Strategy & Research

AI Puscal

Al Pascual is Senior VP, Research Director and Head of the Fraud & Security practice at JAVELIN.  He brings his industry experience and passion for fighting financial crime to bear – having served in roles with HSBC, Goldman Sachs, and FIS – when conducting in-depth research and advising clients on issues that directly affect the security of financial transactions. His thoughts on a variety of fraud and security issues have been covered by media outlets such as Fox News, Reuters, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and Wired.

eGovernment (ID, health, welfare)

Kevin Gillick 

Executive Director

Kevin Gillick

As Executive Director of GlobalPlatform, Mr. Gillick is responsible for driving awareness and accelerating adoption of the GlobalPlatform Specifications within worldwide markets. Mr. Gillick coordinates and manages the organization's strategic planning and oversees all marketing and business development initiatives within key vertical market sectors. He works closely with GlobalPlatform's Marketing Director, Technical Director, all three of the organization's technical committees - Card, Device and Systems - and the GlobalPlatform Task Forces. Mr. Gillick is directly responsible to the Board of Directors and the GlobalPlatform membership. Prior to his appointment to a full-time role within GlobalPlatform, Mr. Gillick held various marketing and business development positions at a range of multi-national technology (or technology-based) corporations. 
Mr. Gillick has served as GlobalPlatform's full-time Executive Director since 2006. Prior to this appointment, he was actively involved in the organization as GlobalPlatform's Marketing Center Chair and has also served the Smart Card Alliance on the Board of Directors, with a two-year term as Chairman of the Board.

John Devlin

Principal Analyst and Founder

P.A.ID Strategies

John Devlin


John is the founder and lead of P.A.ID Strategies. Here he focuses on innovation and disruption across Payments, Authentication, Identity, Security and Connectivity, across mobile, financial, retail, government and industrial vertical sectors.  Utilizing over fifteen years of commercial and analyst experience, he takes a broad view of how different technologies fit together across multiple segments, understanding and explaining determining factors in market adoption and technology development. John works with companies to identify their requirements and determine how these can best be addressed, providing information to answer questions and resolve tactical issues. He provides a considered approach to help companies understand their environments and tackle the business issues relating to their strategic goals, to move forward with new products, markets and technologies

Max Snijder


European Biometrics Group   

Max Snijder

Max Snijder is one of the leading independent biometrics experts in Europe. It is his mission to support stakeholders from the biometrics community with the proper and beneficial understanding and implementation of biometric technology, with a focus on supporting decision makers from governments as well as industries at a strategic level. His expertise includes strategic aspects of biometric deployments (like costs/benefits, risk analysis and business cases), as well as issues on functional and operational requirements, use cases, processes and procedures. During his 15 years+ experience he has built up in depth knowledge regarding several key application areas, such as border control, national security, public administrations, e-passports, airport security, electronic services and transactions, e-banking, access control and mobile security. Max Snijder has extensive experience in managing and participating to European Commission funded projects, as well as giving courses, seminars, lectures and workshops.

He is frequently invited to provide presentations at major international conferences and to chair conference sessions and panel discussions. He is member of the Sesames Award Jury (Cartes, Paris) and member of various program and advisory committees of international events.

As a researcher Max Snijder has performed studies for the Dutch Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR), the Rathenau Institute, the European Commission Joint Research Center and the European Parliament. He was invited to provide lectures for students of the University of Groningen, University of Amsterdam and the University of Leiden. He lectured at the Center of Excellence–Defence Against Terrorism (CoE-DAT) of the NATO and gives numerous workshops for senior and executive management in the domains of aviation, border control, public administrations and identity fraud. Max Snijder is co-founder and Secretary the European Association for Biometrics.

eTransactions (banking, payment, virtual money)

Stefano Vincenzo Ciminelli

Executive Director, Financial Services EMEIA

Ernst & Young

Stefano Vincenzo Ciminelli

Stefano works at EY as Executive Director EMEIA for Cybersecurity, focusing on financial services (FSO market) - based out of Brussels.

He is a seasoned IT and Information Security professional, with more than 15 years experience in Information Security (both technical and managerial).

He studied Economics in Milano and then his career took off in several international roles, always related to InfoSec. He qualified for several InfoSec industry certifications throughout his career.

Stefano is passionate about the impact of technology innovation on the payment industry, especially on a cybersecurity and risk management perspective.

Throughout his career, he acquired an extensive experience on cybersecurity, online fraud, anti-money laundering, forensics investigations, cyberterrorism and red teaming.

Pierre Crego

Vice President

EESTEL - European Experts in E-Transactions Systems

Pierre Crego

Pierre Crégo is EESTEL Co-founder VP EESTEL and Mercury Technologies GM.

Pierre is an expert of Banking payment, NFC technologies, IOT secured architecture, e and m-Commerce applications.  Payment services provider approvals and architecture.

Pierre is acting in various areas: France, Europe, Middle East and Africa

Skills and expertises: Consulting, contracting authority support, Security Audit PCI DSS, Mpos applications and developments and Trusted services TSM/TSP (tokenization)

Activity areas:  Banking, Telcos, Mass retailer Commerce and distribution, mass transit


Christophe Uzureau

Research Vice President

Gartner Industry Advisory Services

Christophe Uzureau

Research Vice President advising financial services clients how to use technology to design and deliver strategies to become market leaders. Advise financial services providers (FSPs)’ CXOs and strategists on how technology represents an opportunity to innovate and therefore generate competitive advantage by shaping traditional payment processes. Map local digital financial ecosystems to initiate strategic partnerships between our clients and local players; as well as initiate the creation of new companies to deal with gaps in FSPs’ product portfolios, including via collaboration with Fintech Startups (FTSUs). 

IoT (Networks of wireless sensors, smart objects, constrained data and energy management)

Pierre Courrieu



Pierre Courrieu

Pierre Courrieu, an ESCP Europe school graduate, Partner at cepheid consulting, has been managing for 15+ years high-stakes international projects with a strong focus on improving operating performance in various industry sectors. He has been particularly active in the telecom field. He also has been working on strategic and marketing framing issues or on designing and launching innovative offerings supported by technologies (Full MVNO, electronic tolling, mobile payment…)

Pierre Metivier

Net7 Innovation

Pierre Metivier

Founder of NET-7 Innovation, a consulting firm helping companies and local authorities to innovate through the use of contactless technologies, Pierre Métivier is also the author of «  Le mobile NFC, Télécommande de notre quotidien    » (the NFC mobile as the remote control of our daily life) book, Editions AFNOR and the main editor of  « Avec ou sans contact » , a 6-year old French blog dedicated to innovation and usage of contactless technologies and the Internet of Things. 

Former General manager of « Forum des services mobiles sans contact », the French NFC industry association, Pierre is also a visiting professor (project management) at the NEOMA Business school, a moderator and speaker at major business and technology events in France and Europe, such as the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona ​or ​CARTES in Paris and is regularly interviewed on IOT and contactless topics in all media including TV and radio.  

Prior to his involvement in the internet of things and contactless technologies, Pierre has been an early actor in two innovative technology industries - microcomputers and software in the 80s with Commodore, Apricot and Borland and the Internet from 1995 with CompuServe, AOL in France, Europe and the United States.

A member of two professional associations:  ACSEL and the Internet of things Council.

Thierry Spanjaard

CEO and Principal 

Thierry Spanjaard

Thierry Spanjaard is the CEO and Principal at Intelling, a consultancy specializing in market intelligence for the secure transactions industry. He is also the Chief Editor of Smart Insights Weekly newsletter, and supervises the publication of Smart Insights Reports market research. Thanks to a career spent in the secure transactions industry, he is now recognized as an expert in the fields of smart cards, payments, convergence and other secure transactions related subjects.

Before starting Intelling in 2006, Thierry Spanjaard was an independent consultant. He has been responsible for EMEA area development for Way Systems, an American startup in the field of mobile payment. Previously, he spent more than 11 years at Gemplus (now Gemalto), the world leader in smart cards and their applications. He has been in charge of marketing, customer education, competitive intelligence, and finally organized and ran a market intelligence cell at Gemplus.

Thierry Spanjaard graduated in an International MBA from ISG, Paris, MIM, New York and IMUA Tokyo. 

Manufacturing and Tests

Daniel Bachenheimer 


Daniel Bachenheimer

Daniel Bachenheimer, an Electrical Engineer by training, is leading Accenture’s Unique Identity Services offering and has been designing and delivering solutions for government entities for over 25 years. For the past fifteen years, Dan has focused on Border and Identity Management solutions and has been involved in large-scale Identity Services systems including US-VISIT and UIDAI, Trusted Traveler Programs, Multimodal Biometric systems integration, RFID implementations, along with Identity, Credential, and Access Management solutions. Dan is involved in INCITS M1 (and ISO SC37) and is an IEEE Certified Biometrics Professional.

Donald E. Malloy


Initiative for Open Authentication

Donald E.Malloy

Donald Malloy is the Chairman of OATH, The Initiative for Open Authentication. OATH is an industry alliance that has opened the authentication market from proprietary systems to an open source standard based architecture promoting ubiquitous strong authentication.

Malloy has more than 20 years’ experience in the Security and Payment industry and is currently a technology consultant assisting companies with the development of their security business. Don was responsible for developing the online authentication product line while at NagraID Security, now Oberthur and prior to that he was Business Development and Marketing Manager for Secure Smart Card ICs for both Phillips Semiconductors (NXP) and Infineon Technologies.

Don originally comes from Boston where he was educated and has degrees in Organic Chemistry and M.B.A. in Marketing. He currently resides in Orange County California and is married with 3 daughters, in his spare time he enjoys hiking, biking, traveling and cheering his grandchildren at baseball games.

David Robertson


The Nilson Report

David Robertson

David Robertson is Publisher and Owner of The Nilson Report, a trade journal whose subscribers are payment card and mobile payment systems executives in 87 countries.  Unlike other trade journals, The Nilson Report does not take paid advertising of any kind, and all articles are written in-house. Mr. Robertson has been following cards and mobile payments for over 25 years.  Research and statistics produced by proprietary surveys conducted by The Nilson Report are used by the U.S. Department of Commerce, Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development, securities analysts, economists, and industry technology and service providers. The Nilson Report has been cited in The Wall Street Journal, the Economist, New York Times, Financial Times, Reuters, Forbes, Fortune, Bloomberg Business Week, The Nikkei, Latin Trade, La Tribune, La Vanguardia, Business & Economy, Jeune Afrique, Handelsblatt, Cinco Dias, Yomiuri Shimbun, Caijing, Finanz und Wirtschaft, International Business Times of India, Vanguard Nigeria, Korea JoongAng, The Edge Markets, and dozens of other publications. 

Retail (online and in-store)

Nikki Baird

Managing Partner
Retail Systems Research

Nikki Baird

Nikki Baird is Managing Partner at Retail Systems Research, an industry market intelligence firm specializing in the impact of technology on the extended retail industry. She focuses on trends impacting the consumer-retailer relationship, along with their supply chain and marketing implications. She has written research and articles on topics ranging from omni-channel strategies, in-store marketing and technology, store performance management, supply chain and multi-channel fulfillment, retailer-manufacturer collaboration, merchandising, and loyalty and promotions management.  She has been quoted as a subject matter expert in The EconomistNew York TimesWall Street JournalUSA Today, and National Public Radio.

Nikki brings perspective from all sides of the retail technology equation: she served in technology roles at both a large and a small retailer, and she has provided advisory and consulting services for Fortune 500 retailers, distributors, and manufacturers.  Prior to co-founding RSR, Nikki was an analyst at both Forrester Research and Retail Systems Alert Group, where she covered extended retail industry topics like supply chain, RFID, retail operations, POS, and in-store management. Prior to that, she was director of marketing for StorePerform, a store execution management software provider, now RedPrairie, and director of product marketing for Viewlocity, a supply chain software provider focusing on adaptive supply chain execution and exception management. Nikki came to Viewlocity from PwC Consulting, now IBM Global Services, where as a senior manager she led IT strategy consulting engagements for retail and CPG clients.

Nikki has an M.B.A. from the University of Texas, Austin, focusing on operations and IT. She also holds a bachelor of arts in political science and Russian, with a minor in physics, from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Angelo Caci

Managing Director

Syrtals Cards

Angelo Caci

Angelo CACI – ICN and ESSEC graduate, is heading a consultancy specialized in cards and innovative payments. Working in this area for decades, he has a deep and broad expertise of the international payment industry : value chains, stakeholders, trends, innovations, regulations, products and services… He’s advising clients from various sectors : international card schemes, banks, issuers, acquirers, PSPs, retailers, e-merchants, MNOs, processors…

David Parker


Polymath Consulting

David Parker

David is the founder and CEO of Polymath Consulting who work on projects and advise organisations across the Cards & Payments industry. 

Polymath Consulting and David are particularly well known for their work on E-money & Emerging Payments.

He has worked across the complete value chain helping banks with their overall E-Money/Prepaid and Emerging Payments strategy right through to market entry analysis; as well as working with telcos, processors and  programme managers on segment analysis, certification and membership applications.  

Other areas of support have included outsource partner review, RFP and partner selection right through to proposition development.

For brands he has assisted in product proposition development as well as managing RFP processes/reviewing existing contract relationships for both open and closed loop schemes.    

Geographically his client assignments have covered Russia, South Africa, Middle East, Europe and Asia. 

He is an active contributor to forums on linkedin and a regular media commentator on the future of prepaid cards/emerging payments.  He is co-chair of the People in Emerging Payments forum on linkedin. He has chaired conferences and events from Mumbai to Moscow; Las Vegas to London and Johannesburg/Nairobi in Africa to Colombo/Sri Lanka.

Cette année, la compétition est réservée aux exposants et sponsors de TRUSTECH 2016.

Les trophées SESAMES sont un concours, à la fois vitrine de l’innovation et tremplin médiatique.

Découvrez les finalistes SESAMES par catégories :

  • Cybersecurity (Data safeguarding, resilience of infrastructures, resistance to cyberattacks)

Passwordless Remote Authentication / Remouth


RemAuth ( is a passwordless authentication infrastructure as a service for businesses. RemAuth is characterized by: - Simplified and real-time UX - Concurrent multi-factor (patent pending technologies) - End-to-end trackable security - Easy integration using a standard HTTP API

Remouth logo



BioSSL is a web security layer, that uses one or more biometric features of the user, regardless the hardware. The password is a One Time Biometric Password, can never be revealed, re-engineered or reproduced. The authentication process is done by an external server and NOT locally. BioSSL is desktop, laptop and mobile compliant.

Bioss mobile

Spire Mobile Framework / Spire Payments 


Spire Payments’ a market leading Fintec mPOS solution supplier has enabled its customers to rapidly develop and deploy secure mobile payment solutions thanks to its feature rich and powerful mPOS solution range. Utilising the SMF and SDK libraries a feature rich and secure mobile payment applications can scripted, tested and deployed within days

Spire Payments
Spire Mobile Framework
  • eGovernment (ID, health, welfare). Best e-governernment solutions 

Fido BLE Card / FEITIAN 


The Fido BLE Card is an identity security card with embedded Fido technology for U2F strong authentication. The Bluetooth BLE interface makes it compatible with all mobile platforms. The level of convenience and simplicity proposed by the Fido BLE Card from Feitian Technologies doesn't compromise on the strong level of security embedded.


FEITAN - Fido BLE card Feitian

The Nautilus / Imprimerie Nationale


Introducing a breakthrough solution for the passport market: The Nautilus.    The Nautilus solution is an easily integrable datapage, adaptable to all types of passport projects, whether electronic or non-electronic.  It is an innovative hinge technology, based on a customisable metallised layer which can integrate a functional contactless antenna.

Imprimerie Nationale
SPS Imprimerie Nationale

Happy Flow Smart Cities / Vision-Box


User-centric multi-environment identification ecosystem based on a privacy-responsible collaborative platform composed of users' virtual personal data envelopes aggregating their identification and historical information, and offering access to multi-dimensional services by government and private institutions - through biometric authentication.

Vision Box
Vision box
  • eTransactions (banking, payment, virtual money)

A digital solution for humanitarian food assistance by FAMOCO


Beneficiaries enrolled for humanitarian assistance are given NFC cards with biometrics recognition, while a dedicated NFC reader (with offline capabilities) is given to selected local retailers. The aim is to provide an efficient and secure transaction through a safe platform/process, with the overall humanitarian objective of strengthening local livelihoods.

Famoco Ghana

MeReal Biometrics multi-application smart card / MYREAL Biometrics


MeReal Biometrics produces the only smart card with patented fingerprint and acoustic technology that confirms identity and enables unlimited applications in the Access and Payment markets. No more typing passwords. Use it anywhere, anytime, any device - on a fixed telephone line, a smartphone, online, at a standard reader. Its battery recharges.

MEREAL Biometrics
MEREAL Card v2

TableSafe RAIL pay-at-the-table payment platform / TableSafe


TableSafe’s RAIL pay-at-the-table system delivers un-paralleled levels of service, convenience and security while improving the guest experience at table-service restaurants. The product accepts any form of payment directly from the table including Mag-stripe, EMV cards, and NFC-enabled mobile payments allowing the diner to control the payment process.


  • IoT (Networks of wireless sensors, smart objects, constrained data and energy management)



IoTize is a turn-key solution that adds connectivity (NFC, BLE, Wi-Fi) to existing systems without modifying their native software. It employs technology to non-intrusively monitor and control a system’s processor, plus resources to secure the IoT connection. IoTize provides a rapid, low risk, secure way to implement IoT connectivity in just hours.

KEOLABS - iotize

RFID / NFC Anti-Counterfeit Solution / HUAYUAN 


1, Evaluation of investing for Anti-Counterfeiting

2, Basic conception for anti-counterfeiting

3, Available anti-counterfeit ways

4, Our physical encryption RFID Tag a- Directly destructible RFID tag b- fractional destructible RFID antenna c- Overall Fragile RFID Tag

5, Billions antenna capacity annually

6, Cloud database /application server + APP solution for anti-counterfeiting

HY logo
SHANGAI Tamper evdenice



SMARTRAC dLoc is an easy system for the reliable verification of any vital document from birth certificate to land title to medical record. Using the simplicity of NFC with the security and transparency of Blockchain technology, there now exists a real-world IoT solution to the problem of document authentication.

  • Manufacturing and Tests



COMPRION Network Bridge is the perfect software solution to enable end-to-end testing of remote SIM provisioning scenarios. It provides a direct link between the eUICC and relevant backend servers as it “bridges” the complete over-the-air communication (mobile network, WiFi/Bluetooth).


Network Bridge - Comprion

TraceCase / COMPRION


TraceCase is COMPRION's slick contactless tracer for mobile payment. TraceCase discreetly traces mobile payment transactions in the field by monitoring the NFC interfaces. Once collected, it allows to display and analyze the communication data with associated monitoring software tools.

Comprion - Trace Case new

Innovative Dual interface "Heavy Metal"  card / SPS


The product consists of an innovative inlay solution with two antennas and a heavy piece of metal. The final dual interface metal card works on both sides(recto and verso) in front of the card reader, and has a full compliancy to EMV standards.

SPS image
  • Retail (online and in-store)


TableSafe RAIL pay-at-the-table payment platform / TableSafe -


TableSafe’s RAIL pay-at-the-table system delivers un-paralleled levels of service, convenience and security while improving the guest experience at table-service restaurants. The product accepts any form of payment directly from the table including Mag-stripe, EMV cards, and NFC-enabled mobile payments allowing the diner to control the payment process.


EasySelf / EasyBranch


Innovative cash management system for merchants focused on : * improving merchant and customer security and safety * reducing significantly the number of cash pick-up by CIT, recycling locally the certified notes for authenticity and fitness * allowing the customer to make withdrawals and any other cashless operations via unattended ATM

Easy Self Kiosk

VirtuCrypt Elements - Remote Key Loading Service / Virtucrypt


The VirtuCrypt Elements Remote Key Loading service is a secure, cloud-based offering for remote and compliant loading of cryptographic keys into Point of Sale terminals, ATM encrypting PIN pads, Internet of Things devices, and more.