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Keynote Speakers : Rencontrez les dirigeants les plus influents de notre industrie !


Dr Ash Booth

Dr Ash Booth

Head of AI, HSBC

Dr. Ash Booth is an entrepreneur, data scientist, and machine learning researcher.

Beginning his academic endeavors with a BSc in Biomedical Science, Ash soon transitioned through bio-inspired computing to computer science and, aged 21, began his Ph.D. in the Application of Machine Learning to Algorithmic Trade Execution at the University of Southampton.

After working a number of contract roles as a machine learning and data science consultant at various hedge funds and investment firms, Ash took a position of Head of the Artificial intelligence for HSBC’s Corporate and Institutional Digital programme.

About his talk : Artificial Intelligence in the Face of Data Privacy

Machine Learning and artificial intelligence more broadly have changed the way organizations work and are, without doubt, here to stay. The fuel propelling this organizational revolution is data - vast and disparate datasets that are very often made up of personal data. As such, it's clear that the use of these techniques has major implications for data protection, privacy and the rights of individuals - factors that are becoming increasingly important with the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Under the GDPR, strict rules apply to the collection and use of personal data and organizations are held accountable for what they do with personal data. This can render traditional machine learning techniques unusable. However, it needn't be a case of artificial intelligence ‘or’ data protection - that would be short sighted.

This keynote talk provides an overview of recent advances in encryption and machine learning techniques that allow firms to act within the GDPR, enabling not only social benefits such as community and dignity, but also commercial benefits such as improved insight, operational efficiency, and innovation.


Patrick Gauthier

Patrick Gauthier

Vice President of External Payment Services, Amazon

Patrick Gauthier is the Vice President of External Payment Services at Amazon. He is responsible for leading Amazon’s payment services for 3rd party merchants globally including Login and Pay with Amazon and the associated value added services. 

Patrick is a 20-year veteran of the payments and ecommerce industry. Most recently he was General Manager, Emerging Retail Solutions at PayPal where he managed PayPal’s prepaid, gift and demand generation businesses. Patrick has also held executive positions in innovation, product, sales and corporate development at Visa, Schlumberger, and Silicon Valley mobile and e-commerce startups. 

Patrick has held positions on the board of directors of, mFormation (mobile device management); Arcot (authentication); mTLD (Domain name); Upek (Biometrics); (eHealth), Tyfone (NFC), Sequent Software (Mobile Security) and SecureKey (Identity management). He is also a Foreign Trade Advisor to the France Ministry of Economy (Conseiller du Commerce Exterieur de la France). 

Patrick holds a Master’s degree in Telecommunications Engineering from Telecom Sud Paris in France. 

About his talk : Connected Commerce

Amazon Pay was launched with the focus of simplifying the customer’s shopping experience; since it enables shoppers to check-in and check-out using information already stored in their Amazon accounts.  Amazon Pay is extending this experience from third-party websites to multiple channels, helping retailers connect with customers in multiple ways.  In this keynote presentation, we will highlight some key trends of today’s connected consumer and key consumer insights in payments. Who is this connected consumer and how are their shopping preferences changing today? We answer this by showcasing how Amazon Pay’s innovations are solving for the ever changing needs of this connected consumer.


Martha Mghendi-Fisher

Martha Mbhendi-Fisher

Founder, European Women Payments Network (EWPN) & African Women in Fintech & Payments (AWFP)

Martha Mghendi-Fisher is the Founder of European Women Payments Network (EWPN) & African Women in FinTech & Payments (AWFP)- the 1st and only Pan-European and Pan-African platforms focusing on bringing together women from all over Europe and Africa working in fintech & payments. EWPN & AWFP strives to create visibility, celebrate women and promote diversity in fintech & payments. Martha is also Global Director of Card Scheme Compliance for Payvision, a global acquirer and payment service provider based in Amsterdam.

About her talk : Femtech in Fintech:  The Untapped Opportunities

The global women’s market  is estimated to be around $17 trillion! This is without considering the fact that household decision making is made by women to the tune of over 60%-70%. Yet, years in years out, in Fintech product-service designing has not taken advantage of this huge opportunity and neither have Fintech business models aimed at the female audience. The decisions makers, P + L holders, and executives are predominantly male, which leaves them without insights from a female angle.

Fintech is known to have a huge gender diversity problem (from the rampant sexism to the exclusion from VC funding, gender pay gaps, etc.). Companies that have embraced diversity have been known to show better performance than those that don't. There is no lack of female talent in fintech, but lack of will power by companies to attract, hire and retain female talent.

This keynote will focus on the opportunities and importance of embracing diversity in fintech and also talk about the work we are doing at European Women Payments Network (EWPN) and African Women in Fintech & Payments (AWFP) and how we can help fintechs tap into female talent by embracing diversity in workforce, diversity in target customers, and diversity in product design.


Elizabeth Baron

Elizabeth Baron

Virtual Reality and Advanced Visualization Specialist, FORD MOTOR COMPANY

Elizabeth Baron is a Technical Specialist in Virtual Reality and Advanced Visualization at Ford Motor Company. She has been the driving force in the development and deployment of immersive vehicle verification technology at Ford Motor Company. She is the principle inventor of the Ford immersive Vehicle Environment (FiVE) process and technology. Elizabeth became the first Virtual Reality Technical Specialist at Ford, a position she asked to create so she could grow the technology within the Company. Elizabeth was awarded the highest individual technical award in Ford Motor Company, the Dr. Haren Gandhi Research and Innovation Award, honoring her career in immersive visualization and her technical leadership.

About her talk : Immersive Vehicle Verification:  Storytelling for Collaborative Design and Engineering

Getting immersed in a potential reality is highly beneficial, especially while communicating with a global and cross-functional team in real time. Elizabeth will detail how immersive environments are used to tell the stories of a customer’s experience, or an engineer’s experience to bring global teams together in a holistic, shared manner that is unlike any other type of design or engineering review. She will explain the benefits realized at Ford from immersive vehicle verification in a globally connected, cross-functional team, specifically related to the cultural shift taking place at Ford with respect to how different disciplines can effectively understand each other’s ideas.


Marta Piekarska

Marta Piekarska

Director of Ecosystem at Hyperledger, The Linux Foundation

Marta serves as the Director of Ecosystem at Hyperledger.  Hyperledger is an open source collaborative effort created to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies. It is a global collaboration, hosted by The Linux Foundation, including leaders in finance, banking, Internet of Things, supply chains, manufacturing and Technology.   Prior to Hyperledger, Marta worked as a Security Architect at Blockstream. Marta obtained her BSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Warsaw University of Technology and a double Masters from Computer Science and Informatics at Technical University of Berlin and Warsaw University of Technology. Her undergrad Thesis was on Voice Encryption on Android Platform and grad work on GPU-aided Payload Delivery on Linux Kernel. Marta recently received a PhD in User-Informed Design of Privacy Tools, while working for one of the hottest Silicon Valley startups, Blockstream, as their Security Architect. Previously, she was associated with Deutsche Telekom as the Lead Architect on the Future of Mobile Privacy, a collaboration with Mozilla and Deutsche Telekom improving Firefox OS. As a Post-doc, Marta also teaches and works at Technical University of Berlin. Her technical interests are covered by what she does - user-informed privacy and security, applications of Bitcoin technology beyond cryptocurrency, and lock picking.  

About her talk : Enterprise Blockchain:  Finding Trust and Security in the Chain

If Blockchain, the distributed ledger (DLT) underlying bitcoin is “the new black”, then it is time to ask:  is it secure?  We know it is more valuable than the currency it supports and enterprises have already started to put distributed ledger technology into practice.  However, it’s also important to understand the security implications for the industry and how blockchain potentially impacts transparency and trust.  In this inspirational keynote, we’ll explore the advantages of public vs. private blockchains and highlight some innovative lessons learned from enterprises successfully employing real-world blockchain solutions. By the end of the talk, attendees will understand the ecosystem of The Linux Foundation, Hyperledger and the importance of Open Source for Enterprises.


Victoria Saue

Victoria Saue

Head of Legal, Risk and Compliance for e-Residency Program, Government of Estonia

Victoria Saue is Head of Legal, Risk and Compliance for the e-Residency program of the Government of Estonia. She is also a member of the working groups of the Estonian Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs and Communications responsible for the Anti-Money Laundering, Digital ID, Data Protection and Business Environment legislation. Before joining e-Residency, Victoria worked for 10 years in the banking and financial industry as Head of Compliance and other senior roles.

About her talk  : Building the Digital Nation:  The Estonian Experience

The Internet and other advances in digital technology are enabling more people to live and work globally with greater freedom, independent of any fixed location. As a consequence, governments like ours in Estonia are evolving fast into borderless digital nations in order to better serve and benefit from the rise of these new world citizens.

Estonia has issued the strongest digital identity to 97% of its population for almost two decades and since 2014, tens of thousands of people from over 150 countries have become Estonian e-residents members of the new digital nation. This keynote will provide attendees with an overview on how Estonian transparent and trusted digital environment works and how it was possible to open the environment and e-services to non-residents.


Eric Léandri

Eric Leandri

Chairman & Co-Founder, QWANT

Eric Léandri is a specialist in web, IT and network security with 20 years experience as a technology entrepreneur.  Prior to Qwant, he held positions such as Head of Special Projects for a number of global firms such as UB, deputy-CEO of Trustmission, and majority shareholder and managing director of Mobilegov SaaS.