Keynote : Elizabeth Baron

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Spécialiste technique réalité virtuelle et visualisation avancée chez Ford Motor Company

Elizabeth Baron is a Technical Specialist in Virtual Reality and Advanced Visualization at Ford Motor Company. She has been the driving force in the development and deployment of immersive vehicle verification technology at Ford Motor Company. She is the principle inventor of the Ford immersive Vehicle Environment (FiVE) process and technology. Elizabeth became the first Virtual Reality Technical Specialist at Ford, a position she asked to create so she could grow the technology within the Company. Elizabeth was awarded the highest individual technical award in Ford Motor Company, the Dr. Haren Gandhi Research and Innovation Award, honoring her career in immersive visualization and her technical leadership.

About her talk : Immersive Vehicle Verification: Storytelling for Collaborative Design and Engineering

Getting immersed in a potential reality is highly beneficial, especially while communicating with a global and cross-functional team in real time. Elizabeth will detail how immersive environments are used to tell the stories of a customer’s experience, or an engineer’s experience to bring global teams together in a holistic, shared manner that is unlike any other type of design or engineering review. She will explain the benefits realized at Ford from immersive vehicle verification in a globally connected, cross-functional team, specifically related to the cultural shift taking place at Ford with respect to how different disciplines can effectively understand each other’s ideas.