Keynote : Martha Mghendi-Fisher

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Keynote 2018: Martha Mghendi-Fisher, fondatrice European Women Payments Network (EWPN) & African Women in FinTech & Payments (AWFP)

Martha Mbhendi-Fisher is the Founder of European Women Payments Network (EWPN) & African Women in FinTech & Payments (AWFP)- the 1st and only Pan-European and Pan-African platforms focusing on bringing together women from all over Europe and Africa working in fintech & payments. EWPN & AWFP strives to create visibility, celebrate women and promote diversity in fintech & payments. Martha is also Global Director of Card Scheme Compliance for Payvision, a global acquirer and payment service provider based in Amsterdam. 

About her Talk : Femtech in Fintech: The Untapped Opportunities

The global women’s market is estimated to be around $17 trillion! This is without considering the fact that household decision making is made by women to the tune of over 60%-70%. Yet, years in years out, in Fintech product-service designing has not taken advantage of this huge opportunity and neither have Fintech business models aimed at the female audience. The decisions makers, P + L holders, and executives are predominantly male, which leaves them without insights from a female angle.

Fintech is known to have a huge gender diversity problem (from the rampant sexism to the exclusion from VC funding, gender pay gaps, etc.). Companies that have embraced diversity have been known to show better performance than those that don't. There is no lack of female talent in fintech, but lack of will power by companies to attract, hire and retain female talent.

This keynote will focus on the opportunities and importance of embracing diversity in fintech and also talk about the work we are doing at European Women Payments Network (EWPN) and African Women in Fintech & Payments (AWFP) and how we can help fintechs tap into female talent by embracing diversity in workforce, diversity in target customers, and diversity in product design.